Some student work…

Well gosh!  So much has been happening, and I’ve neglected to share the amazing work my students are making!  So here are some pictures to catch you up…

These earrings were the first attempt of one student. She has great craft skills, and her designs have only improved!

The lady who made these uses many symbols in her paintings, one of them being an eye. It's crazy how much of her metalwork also uses the same symbolism!

The student responsible for these loves to make cute, teenager-ish designs. So I am really surprised by these elegant beauties!

On our first field trip, getting design ideas for a nature-inspired pendant!

This student missed the first week, so I had her sister catch her up on all the demos we did. It was so great to see students teaching each other! Plus, this design is just awesome. She wanted to make a pendant that looked like a flower she saw. The flower had three heart-shaped petals. We brainstormed and came up with this idea. It abstracts the original design, and looks great!

Cute, huh?


This is genius, absolute genius. I had absolutely NO part in the design of this, she just drew it and then made it. All be herself!!

FIRST-attempt bezel setting. Be impressed, be impressed.

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2 Responses to Some student work…

  1. B. Lynn Palmer says:

    This is fantastic Chelsey! I am more than impressed with your students design and crafting! I can just imagine their joy. Keep up the great work girl. Thanks for posting the results. How are things with their spiritual curiosity?
    Bettye LYNN

  2. felicia burleson says:

    WOW!!! Your students are doing amazing work! How exciting is that? I am so proud of you. You have been a great teacher. The pics are so fun to keep updated on how it is all coming along. Thanks for sharing, honey! Keep up the terrific work!

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