Gosh, it’s been forever since I last blogged!  So much has been going on, and I’m afraid I have the tendency to try to catch up on every little detail.  Which would be exhausting for me AND for you well-meaning readers who just can’t spend the time reading bi-weekly “books.”

Therefore, here are some snippets of things I’ve experienced the past two weeks:

-Housemate dinners replete with worship music, prayer, sharing of our testimonies, Thai food, and mosquito murdering.

-Waking up to street dogs and fruit vendors and the Nigerian church, which dedicatedly meets for LOUD worship music at least three days a week.

-Taking my students on a nature walk, discussing integrity of design and using God’s best creation as inspiration for our own

-Trying to teach my housemate Jup how to say the word “flirt”.  It’s hard since she interchanges “L” and “R” on a regular basis.  It usually comes out as “fart.”

-Going to the crazy-big tourist market to look for suppliers of silver and stones.

-Trying to buy stones from a creepy Indian salesman who wanted to charge $10 for Chalcedony cabochons.  If you didn’t know, that is MADDENINGLY outrageously overpriced, especially since he thinks he’s a wholesaler. (I’m seething with disgust and anger as I write)(WAIT, I’m a missionary I can’t do that).  Don’t worry, I got him down to an almost reasonable price.  I was very sweet about it too.

-Finding a NICE Indian salesman with better quality stones and prices and a nice smile.

-Experiencing a Thai massage in which the massage therapist did Yoga while pretending that I was the floor mat and/or yoga ball.

-Running with friends in the neighborhood, getting weird looks from neighbors and street dogs.

-Being scared to ask little questions, like “How come there is no toilet paper, no soap, AND no hand towel?!?!?!?!”

-Learning the life-stories of my students, and meeting their sweet kiddos.

-Playing soccer after school with some of the students and children.

-Comparing bruises and other battle scars the next day!

-Constantly having pollution boogers :(

-Getting air-conditioning in class and no longer being grumpy!

-Taking cold showers.  Begrudgingly at first, and then on purpose.

-Watching my students teach each other and holding back laughter and tears of joy!

-Randomly finding a pizza parlor a short walk from home.

-Being hug-attacked by a tiny 3 year old boy I had never met before.  Gosh, when babies do that I just MELT.

Well, I’ll update more later.

Thanks for keepin’ up with me!

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