Artist Statement

“I love the emotional attachment associated with jewelry.  I have inherited some of the antique jewelry I use in my work, and I am forever grateful to the dear ladies in my family who cherished these pieces before I did.  I have also found many trinkets at flea markets and thrift stores, always intrigued by the fact that I will never know the complete meaning and importance of these objects that have doubtless passed through many generations.  There is a mystery inherent in the forgotten. As an artist, and a follower of Jesus Christ, my work reflects His work, in that I also reconstruct and re-purpose these old, broken, forgotten things, and give them new life and meaning.”   – May 2010

This necklace was made from a vintage earring.

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I made these earrings in my last semester of college.  The pink stones are lab-created sapphires, and the blue-gray stones are labradorite.  All the metal is sterling silver.  The design was influenced by a demonstration I viewed at a metals conference in Houston earlier this year.  The conference was put on by the Society of North American Goldsmiths, better known as SNAG. (   During the demo, a pneumatic (air-powered) tool was used to give a metal disk a texture similar to hammer marks, but MUCH smaller.  Since I don’t have access to these tools, I used a teeny tiny dapping tool (like a baby hammer) to create a comparable effect.  (I felt very clever, and it made my whole day.)

The picture here was taken by my stunningly talented photographer friend, Jillian Zamora.  (  With the help of a friend in the communication design field, this image was made into a postcard advertising my senior show, which I had to put on in order to graduate from the Metals program.  I do believe everything about this picture is quite lovely, if I may say so myself.

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