March Update

A few weekends ago, I took a short trip with two of my housemates to Koh Samed, a small island south of Bangkok.  After about 4 hours on a bus, traveling through thick city and then beautiful farm land, we reached the ferry, which carried us on a pleasant hour-long journey to the island.

the view from our lunch spot

It was absolutely beautiful, and the first time I traveled outside of Bangkok since I’ve arrived.  The city is, as I’ve said, so very thick.  I’m used to traveling through Dallas, but not to walking its’ streets everyday.  So living in Bangkok is a little overwhelming sometimes.  I’m grateful for that.

Just before leaving for the island, the season of Lent began.  I’ve never participated before, but this year it seemed like a nice opportunity, and very well-timed.  Lent is the 40 days of discipline, repentance, and reflection leading up to Easter.  It’s a time to consider the crushing weight of our sin nature, the weight lifted by our Savior when He took it on Himself and offered us His very own nature, and a renewed heart!  During this time, some choose to fast from a particular food or activity, or to devote themselves to other spiritual disciplines.  So many people have the intention to be better disciplined, and agree very strongly with things that they (i) never actually get around to doing.

In light of this, some things I’m working on currently are waking up earlier…

sunrise in front of the bungalow

And doing more reading…

C.S. Lewis - The Great Divorce. Goes well with a banana shake, a beachy breeze, and... instant coffee??

Of course, beautiful Koh Samed made it easy to wake up with the sunrise.  Coming back to Bangkok, I was so refreshed and grateful for all that beauty.  Still, it’s been a challenge to wake up earlier, to start my days in reading scripture and praying to God before checking emails or making breakfast and going about my business for the day.  But you gotta start somewhere, right?  I’m glad that God is helping me to acquire a taste for discipline, while at the same time LOVING me despite my idolatrous heart.

On another note, metals classes have been going so well.  We’ve received our first order and are busy with production.  I’m currently spending most of my time in class writing materials – spec sheet forms, safety guidelines, design criteria, quality control criteria, etc..  At first overwhelming, now it’s just fun!  Hopefully I don’t leave out anything important…

Here are a few more photos to leave you with…

View from our beach... See that tiny lil island?!?

Eat your heart out, Emerald Coast! (seriously, why is that an acceptable idiom?!) The three of us were kayaking when my friend Skye took this picture. We may have also been singing "Row Row Row Your Boat."

found lots of pretty sea glass near this spot

See the perch up in that tree? Magic.

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2 Responses to March Update

  1. Summer Holeman says:

    Hey Chelsey! My name is Summer and I am going to be an intern at the Well starting on May 14!! I am sad that I won’t get to meet you…but I have been reading your blog tonight and it was sooo encouraging and the pictures are beautiful. I can’t stop smiling! I am actually from Lewisville, TX–right off of 35 by the Kohls and Home Depot! MY dad went to UNT…what a small world!! I am studying Communications and Anthropology at Wheaton College in Wheaton, IL. The designs the women made look incredible. I can’t wait to see the work they completed when I get there. Your experiences look amazing and I am soo happy God is directing you in the ways you prayed for him to. Blessings and prayers from a blog-reader and future intern! talk to you later.

    • Chelsey says:

      Hi Summer, great to hear from you! Wow, it really IS a small world. I had no idea another Texan was coming, I’m sad we won’t cross paths over here! How long will you be staying, and how did you get connected with The Well? I look forward to hearing more from you, and I know you’ll love your time here. Feel free to email/skype/facebook me anytime you want! I had tons of questions before coming, so I’d love to help any way I can.

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