how do you grow?

So I’ve been observing the beauty of trees more recently.  Usually though, it only happens when I’m in the car, driving home from work, or to a gathering of some sorts, or to volunteer, or to do something.  I wish I just did nothing more often.  And by nothing, I mean that I would sit contemplatively and quietly, and have time to see all my thoughts and lay them out on the ground, or project them up into the sky, and simply stare at them against the fresh and unimposing stillness of the sunset behind dormant trees… And then, after spreading all my meditations on the peaceful backdrop of nature, I’d know just exactly how to collect them – to sacrifice some hopes to God, to let others lie asleep until it’s time to think about them again…  Other thoughts, whispered prayers, and half-hoped-for changes, I would lift up to Him, and ask Him to prosper them for His glory and my joy.  Through my scattered messes, it’s good to know my God is a soul-reader.  He delights to show us His good gifts and thrill us with joy that we didn’t even think to ask for yet.  He is the one who untangles thoughts.  I’m grateful, that even as I sit at my favorite coffee shop quickly writing this, knowing that I’ll have to hurry out for a class I’m teaching, He knows what I truly, deeply long for.  Even I don’t know that.

People, do you know how trees grow?

Listen.  They can grow up and down at the same time.  Also, trees don’t grow taller when the weather is cold or dry.  But during those times, new buds start to form.  When the weather improves, the buds start opening. The reason many trees start to flower during the winter, is that the leaves are no longer taking up so much space, and this enables the success of wind pollination.  It’s against most things in nature to just be beautiful and flowering all the time…  We need dormancy to keep us growing.  It’s just a different type of growth that isn’t as visible…

I have to leave for class.

This will be continued…

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