I recently had the pleasure of creating custom pendants for the band Dovetail.  They were a gift, marking the release of their first album, entitled “Mount Karma,” which released on 3-24-12.  (This is what I stamped on the pendants)  Dovetail’s music is an eclectic mix of indie, pop, and rock ‘n’ roll.  Cool stuff.  Anyways, the lovely sister of two of the bandmates commissioned me to design pendants in the shape of a dovetail arrowhead, from whence the band procured their name.  So I did some research, drew some sketches, made a sample, and got going.  It was a blast, and reminded me just how much I enjoy creating custom orders.

Here’s a few pictures documenting the process…

These are not the most detailed of my drawings, but you’ve got to start somewhere.

close-up of a high-polished piece, before drilling the hole and stamping the text

After stamping and drilling the hole.. Still so shiny! I hated to mess with that polish, but I’ll bet the guys wearing them are grateful I roughed the finish up some!

They were so polished, they mirrored the paintings in my room. I thought it was pretty cool-lookin’.

All done! And packaged nicely in a recycled box. Yahoo!

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2 Responses to dovetail

  1. Lovely…i shall have you make me something!!!

    • Chelsey says:

      i’d love to! I specialize in taking old jewelry (especially passed down from older family members) and reconstructing them so they look new. Just an idea.

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