Day 42 of my New Job

I get nervous when writing in a new journal's first page - so I draw instead.

I get nervous when writing in a new journal’s first page – so I draw instead.

So, today was pretty fun.  Some serious metalsmithing was made more enjoyable by the nearly-perfect candle.  Unfortunately, I burned over 50% of it in one day, and they’re no longer on sale for half-off at Bath & Body Works.  Soooooo, that’s dumb.

Monday, I began my work-day by scouring the internet for a specific brand and scent of candle.  Did you know that some companies just “DISCONTINUE” their best products for the sole purpose of making you angry and disillusioned?  It happens all the time in the fragrance world.  Makes me so MAY-ad.  Mad.  Anyway, on a recent kayaking trip with my girlfriends, I bought a teeny-tiny candle for our teeny-tiny cabin, to burn while watching regrettable chick-flicks and eating dark chocolates.  It became my favorite candle in the history of all candles.  All 2.9 ounces of it.  And now it’s GONE until “Mrs. Meyer” decides to bring it back to production.  At least, that’s what the girl on their help-line told me.  Can you believe I wasted almost an hour hunting down a candle, and now blogging about it?  That’s what happens when you’re a synesthete and you want to re-live a kayaking trip via candle-induced hallucinations.

Meanwhile, back at the farm…..

Today – I did laundry, cleaned dishes, watered the plants, read scriptures and prayed before getting very far into the day, prepared nutritious meals, made and photographed and edited my new spiral earrings for Etsy, drank approximately 30 oz. of organic hazelnut coffee, and started writing in a brand-new journal.  I felt busy.  And I reeeeaaaallyyyy liked this type of “busy.”

I burned this candle the EN-TIRE time I metalsmithed today.  It was glorious.

I burned this candle the EN-TIRE time I metalsmithed today. It was glorious.





But can I just do this and make money? Either way, I’m grateful for the chance to work hard at my “dream-job.”

-Chelsey Alyse

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