Day* 39 of my New Job

*It’s actually late in the evening.  And no, I didn’t work today, because I spent the majority of the day traveling to Nashville to see one of my littlest sisters perform in a musical tomorrow.  Here she is, being cute:

Caroline Jo (C.J.) circa 2012

Caroline Jo (C.J.) circa 2012

But I sort of worked today!  And by that, I mean that I got some people to follow me on Instagram, and then I followed them back.  I think that’s how you’re supposed to do it. When it comes to using social media to promote my business, I just feel kind of sneaky. Like when you are a little kid and your mom makes you wear clothes that totally aren’t your style, so you kind of tip-toe around your friends in hopes that they don’t see you and advertise your weirdness to the whole group.  But I’m getting over it.

Anyway.  Here are some pictures of old jewelry I made, since I didn’t get studio time today.  This is the matching earring & necklace set I made for my best friend when she got married:img_4057

And this is another piece of wedding jewelry I made for myself to wear at a friend’s wedding a few years back:


- Chelsey Alyse

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