Day 2 of my “new job”

Today has been excellent.  I got three orders shipped out or hand-delivered.  I learned how scary Etsy ISN’T when I take time to read the forums and figure stuff out like a fully functioning, capable adult.  I’m an adult, man.

One big swamp of things I’ll have to think through is how many hats I wear, and where to keep them all:

Designer.  Maker.  Seller.  Marketing Manager.  Shop Manager.  Blogger.  Bookkeeper. QA Inspector.  Purchaser…..

I’m going to have to talk to real people and say stuff like, “Hey, you over there, come buy my art,” or something to that effect, just more polished.  I haven’t really thought through it all just yet.  But I hope that my artwork (jewelry and paintings) will eventually speak for me, or at least for themselves.  I think it’s going to be fun.  I think that, whatever the outcome, this time will be worth the investment.

Today’s work:

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