Day 1 of my “new job”

Today, May 27th of 2014, is the first day of my entrepreneurial adventure.  Since graduating in 2010, I’ve taught some, traveled some, and then (begrudgingly) settled into a full-time retail job.  It wasn’t planned.  None of this was in my plan. During college, I had this very hazy, un-thought-out idea that I’d end up in a lifestyle where I could do metalwork and painting all the time, uninterrupted by bills and responsibilities and grown-up things.

I was wrong.  But I’ve been fortunate enough to learn that lesson while working full-time, living at home, and saving money that will enable me to strike out again with a (progressively) corrected point of view.

So here are a few things that happened on Day 1 of the new job:

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