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how do you grow?

So I’ve been observing the beauty of trees more recently.  Usually though, it only happens when I’m in the car, driving home from work, or to a gathering of some sorts, or to volunteer, or to do something.  I wish … Continue reading

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Another journal excerpt..

I wrote this last night… “I can’t decide what I wish to cry over more: the beauty of the hazy sunset behind the silhouette of  leafless trees, or the fact that I could see a similar sight every evening but … Continue reading

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This journal entry was made during a short trip to an island about 3 hours south of Bangkok. It was the most enchantingly pretty place I’d ever seen. Clean clear water, the whitest sand I’ve seen even in pictures, and … Continue reading

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Summer Workshop

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe I’ve actually neglected to update my blog since getting back from Thailand.  I can’t catch up now, so I’ll just let all my many readers (sarcasm) know what I’m up to this summer.  This … Continue reading

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I got to visit India!  I went to tour a silver jewelry factory in Jaipur, which is in the northern part.  That means that it’s more of a desert climate – and that there are camels everywhere!  Camels, cows, pigs, … Continue reading

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March Update

A few weekends ago, I took a short trip with two of my housemates to Koh Samed, a small island south of Bangkok.  After about 4 hours on a bus, traveling through thick city and then beautiful farm land, we … Continue reading

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Some student work…

Well gosh!  So much has been happening, and I’ve neglected to share the amazing work my students are making!  So here are some pictures to catch you up… These earrings were the first attempt of one student. She has great … Continue reading

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Gosh, it’s been forever since I last blogged!  So much has been going on, and I’m afraid I have the tendency to try to catch up on every little detail.  Which would be exhausting for me AND for you well-meaning … Continue reading

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Surprise… Supplies!

After getting stuck in customs for a week or so, our tools and supplies were finally delivered this Monday morning!  I’m not sure how my students felt at first, but it was sheer bliss for me.  We’re talking Christmas-morning-as-a-little-child bliss, … Continue reading

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