Another journal excerpt..

I wrote this last night…

“I can’t decide what I wish to cry over more: the beauty of the hazy sunset behind the silhouette of  leafless trees, or the fact that I could see a similar sight every evening but just don’t make the time to…  And if my heart is so achy over missing out on these passing beauties, then how will I feel one day when realizing all the missed opportunities to stare at the eternal (invisible) workings of my Savior, to worship Him in spirit and in truth..  God please grant me repentance.”

Also, enjoy this music, which pretty much makes me want to cry:  Big Country Instrumental

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3 Responses to Another journal excerpt..

  1. As bad as i made this afternoon with my kids, this convicts me. I did not take the time to speak truth into their hearts or to stop and see how i needed to see his hand working in our afternoon. Heart breaks over it. Thanks for the post.

    • Chelsey says:

      Jennifer, I’m convicted every single day of the opportunities I miss as I’m running past my sisters to get to the front door, leaving for work or volunteering or “me” time… Praise God that he still opens our eyes to see where we need to focus, and praise Him for supplying all our needs!

    • Djeyson says:

      Love her designs. Most of the lrewjey I see this days is more or less the same you will see in any store, her designs have a character though, you can see that it was designed by someone with great talent and imagination.

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